Jing, in Chinese medicine means “spirit” or “essence”. That’s the inspiration behind Jing! owner, Gini Chin’s approach to pet-sitting. Holistically connecting with your pet in ways that nourish its physical health and emotional well-being.

Gini has been connecting with animals in a Jing way since she was knee-high to the family St. Bernard. Her home was full of cats, dogs, chameleons, even snakes. So, Gini grew up surrounded by pets, training dogs and showing horses. And for the last two decades, she’s been rescuing boxers — Higgins, Rilla, Oscar, and now, Boulou.

We are compassionate and professional caregivers dedicated to your pet’s health, happiness and security. We can’t wait to meet you and your four-legged companions!

Gini attended the Northwest School of Animal Massage and is a nationally certified small animal acupressure practitioner. http://www.nbcaam.org/

She is a member of Pet Sitters International, is insured through Pet Sitters Associates and has completed pet first aid and CPR classes.

Now let’s go walking!


Jing! offers acupressure sessions for help with whatever may be ailing your pet, or to simply maintain her spirit and wellness. Specific issues might include anxiety, muscle aches and pains due to injury or aging, pre- or post-surgery care, seasonal allergies. Perfect for in-between visits to your acupuncturist.

Jing! also offers daily walks and hikes, dog boarding and pet sitting your cats.

Our service area is SE Portland, from Holgate Street to Montavilla, and Laurelhurst neighborhoods.

Jing! customizes a schedule of services for each client to ensure that your pets get the exercise, one-on-one attention and love they deserve.

We come prepared with waste bags, treats, and water bottle. Each visit can include any or all of the following: walk, potty break, play time, water/food refreshing, mail brought inside, lights and music turned on/off, plants watered, litter box scooped.

Call or email to set up a meet’n greet to get your pup going!


Potty break and walk around the block. Great for older dogs or dogs who need a short, extra break and cats who prefer to be alone or already have a second visit/day. $16

For dogs who need a daily walk and potty break when you’re busy. A good time to brush up on basic obedience or just have some fun. $25



For additional dogs in the family: $5 ea

For your kitty who needs some play time, food refreshed and litter box cleaning while you’re away. Includes basic home needs such as mail pick up, light settings, plant watering. $25

Individual attention and care is given to your dog. Your pet will be part of the family, always in a secure environment. We give a mid-day walk in addition to morning and evening playtime in the large yard. Boarding only 1 compatible dog at a time.

$25/day if pick-up is after 10am.
Pick-up and drop-offs between the hours of 7am-7pm

Dog walks and cat visits on major holidays: additional $10
weekend dog walk: additional $10

Forgot to schedule? No worries, we will always do our best to honor last minute calls at no extra charge.

Need to Cancel? Cancellations made with 24 hours notice before scheduled service will have no cancellation fee. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice or the same day as scheduled service will be charged full rate. Exceptions made if due to weather, pet illness or emergency.

Jing! gladly accepts payment through Venmo, Paypal, cash or check. Payment is required at or before scheduled service.




    Gini is absolutely amazing! She performed acupressure sessions on my English Labrador Jedi, he absolutely loved it and we saw great improvements with his stiffness and overall energy level. She also did a few sessions on my other lab Jolene. Jolene is very hyper but Gini was still able to find a way to perform the acupressure. I would highly recommend anyone to use her services, she treated the pups like they were her own. Sadly we moved to the east coast, however I would’ve continued to used her indefinitely! Thank you Gini for everything!

    — Maria


    Gini is caring, reliable, and a pleasure to work with. A friend who owns a dog-boarding facility highly recommended her services, and Gini has earned the five stars with flying colors! Our dog is always so happy to have her as a companion on his daily walk when we’re not home, three times a week. He loves her! When we’re away, we never worry about a thing because Gini is extremely reliable and keeps us informed about her day with our furry buddy by sending us cute pictures of him. We will certainly continue to use her services in the foreseeable future!
    — Sergio


    Doug LOVES Gini!
    When we went on vacation, so did he! We left our dog with Gini for over 2 weeks. He made himself right at home. He had a great yard to play in and a window to look out of. He was walked and loved! We will bring Doug to Gini’s for our next vacation.
    — Barbara


    I have boarded my tiny rescue dog with Gini a few times now. She has also been walked by her from my house.
    Gini is always considering what my dog needs to feel comfortable. She has a very calm, loving vibe and my dog loves this.
    Gini is always easy to contact and set up a stay. Her house is very clean and dog proof and she has a large yard for tiny dog adventures.
    I receive great photos of my tiny girl during the stay which is no small feat since my girl is camera shy.
    — Beth.


    Gini is one of the best dog walkers & boarders in the Portland area! She helped care for my sweet golden retriever/yellow lab mix, Keely, before she passed away earlier this year. I found Gini through a friend who was also a client and Gini provided daily walking services for Keely before I moved out of the area, then she continued to help care for Keely through boarding services when I went out of town. I always felt comfortable knowing Keely was in Gini’s care. She treated Keely like her own pet, giving her lots of love, attention, and adventure during every visit.

    — Tina


    Gini is EXCELLENT. She came over to meet me and pupper and we went on a walk together so she could observe and see how it normally goes. Frida is somewhat leash reactive, so Gini was prepared for that after our walk together. After we got back, Gini asked if she could enter the house alone to see how the dog would react to her, a stranger, entering without me. She was fine and Gini did a few more little exercises to make sure everything would be okay.
    She does 15 minute walks on days when we are home earlier, and 30 minute walks on days when we will be later. Frida loves it and we have not had any issues with her being unhappy now that I’m no longer working from home.
    Gini has even suggested a few tips and tricks (a different collar, a new keep-her-busy toy) to help with the transition and her general behavior. All have worked wonderfully. We also noticed that Frida is walking much better with us. After some time with Gini, there is much more slack on the leash and she seems more low-key.
    She also sends photos every day after their walk. It’s a great bright spot for my afternoons at the office!
    — Lindsay