Gini is EXCELLENT. She came over to meet me and pupper and we went on a walk together so she could observe and see how it normally goes. Frida is somewhat leash reactive, so Gini was prepared for that after our walk together. After we got back, Gini asked if she could enter the house alone to see how the dog would react to her, a stranger, entering without me. She was fine and Gini did a few more little exercises to make sure everything would be okay.
She does 15 minute walks on days when we are home earlier, and 30 minute walks on days when we will be later. Frida loves it and we have not had any issues with her being unhappy now that I’m no longer working from home.
Gini has even suggested a few tips and tricks (a different collar, a new keep-her-busy toy) to help with the transition and her general behavior. All have worked wonderfully. We also noticed that Frida is walking much better with us. After some time with Gini, there is much more slack on the leash and she seems more low-key.
She also sends photos every day after their walk. It’s a great bright spot for my afternoons at the office!
— Lindsay